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.:: m0toRcycle ::.

in this world..a lot of thing that get interest of me..but the most thing that i like is "MOTORCYCLE" or "BIKE"..s0,by this blog i would to share what is motorcycle is all about..s0 for the first step,let we know what is the real meaning of of motorcycle..according to wikipedia a motorcycle (also called a motorbicycle, motorbike, bike, or cycle) is a single-track,[1] two-wheeled[2] motor vehicle powered by an engine. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions. In many parts of the world, motorcycles are among the least expensive and most widespread forms of motorised knowing the real meaning of motorcycle,lets take a look the history of motorcycle..
Gottllieb Daimler's 1885 motorcycle THE HISTORY..
Right: Gottllieb Daimler's 1885 Motorcycle

American, Sylvester Howard Roper (1823-1896) invented a two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle (powered by coal) in 1867. This can be considered the first motorcycle, if you allow your description of a motorcycle to include a steam engine. Howard Roper also invented a steam engine car.

German, Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885, which was an engine attached to a wooden bike. That marked the moment in history when the dual development of a viable gas-powered engine and the modern bicycle collided.
Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine invented by engineer, Nicolaus August Otto. Otto invented the first "Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine" in 1876. He called it the "Otto Cycle Engine" As soon as he completed his engine, Daimler (a former Otto employee) built it into a motorcycle.

History of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle
early harley davidson motorcycleMany of the nineteenth century inventors who worked on early motorcycles often moved on to other inventions. Daimler and Roper, for example, both went on to develop automobiles. However, inventors Harley and the Davidsons developed motorcycles and their business competitors were other new start-up companies such as Excelsior, Indian, Pierce, Merkel, Schickel and Thor.

In 1903, William Harley and his friends Arthur and Walter Davidson launched the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The bike had a quality engine, so it could prove itself in races, however, the company planned to manufacture it as a transport vehicle. Merchant, C. H. Lange, sold the first officially distributed Harley-Davidson in Chicago.

.:: b!kEs n0waDaYs ::.

We haven’t seen anything quite like this and we assume you also wouldn’t have seen anything as fresh and as outrageous a concept like the Uno. Remarkably, an eighteen year old inventor, Ben J. Poss Gulak has put the radical Uno together and true to it’s name, the Uno is a motorcycle that has only one wheel. Weighing just over fifty four kilograms, the single seater Uno has two gyros which you keep you planted to terra firma, a little similar to the Segways. To go forward on this outrageous one-wheeled contraption, you just need to shift your weight forward and to go back, do the same backward. And if you want to stop moving, just need to tilt backwards. For all this to happen, you have a single switch to control the gyros which are wired to a microprocessor. The microprocessor takes the gyro inputs and make the electric motor of the Uno respond accordingly. Though it looks a little bizarre, the Uno is a pretty cool concept but I’m pretty pissed off that i can’t wheelie it. Jokes apart, you can catch a glimpse at the Uno at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto that is happening today and tomorrow. The UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled MotorcycleThe UNO - One Wheeled Motorcycle

.:: nEwb!es in b!ke insp!Red by FERRAR! ::.

SA motorcycle inspired by the brand Ferrari would be definitely something different from all other two-wheelers in the market and it will probably look like this one in the image. The concept behind the design is definitely unique and involves the principles of aerodynamics and latest technology to empower the motorcycle with high speed and improved performance level. The black color teamed with vibrant yellow or dark red is the trademark of Ferrari and these are the colors used in the motorcycles. The heavy and broad front part and slightly slimmer back makes the carve prominent and makes it pretty stylish indeed.

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept

ferrari v4 motorcycle concept